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Evelia T.Z.R a.k.a Evie/Evee (T_T)
11th January 1993
Baka-Ninjas Cosplay Team Shizune, Lenalee, A.B.A <3

Short and spastic as hell when da mood strikes =3

"Ya betta watch out, uh-huh uh-huh...

I am worth, $3,456,190

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wants.. >_<

[00]Any decent phone with a camera and bluetooth functionality..lol
[01]New Mp3(Got a new MP4 now =3)
[02]Decent O'lvl grades
[03]Have fun in da year, as much as I...
[04]$$$ -Clothes
[05]$$$ -Air tickets
[06]$$$ -Cosplay
[07]%%% -Food
[08]Decent Jap-singer
[09]Choir SYF-GoldSilver
[10]Striped thigh-high socks
[11]Pulverising stilettos? x)
[12]New cardigan/hoodie
[13]That cute plushie with built-in speakers...

And for Him to please TADA hurry back home~ <3 =D

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    (Saturday, December 05, 2009/11:31 PM)

    Whyy ello. o.o

    Ah-boii said there were tonnes of emo posts that took off to a bloody long hiatus. XD

    Lets say the torment of exams are over and done with, I got a part-time job & I'm in...

    Bleh, lost at how to confront things. Silly me. XD

    But other than that, everything is awesome n great. Love cosplay n lurbe u guys bwahaha. ^^

    See? non-emo post le. >_<

    Gotta run again, ciao.

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    (Tuesday, May 19, 2009/9:31 PM)

    Sometimes I just feel like crying...

    And just give up everything.

    Even Bpian Idol. Screw it even if I deprived a certain someone else of the chance of the finals cuz I quit.

    But its soo tempting.

    I feel like curling up to a ball and just break down and cry.

    Then, only then perhaps, would I start 'breaking down' and actually 'decompose'...

    Things are killing me inside, and I don't know what to do.

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    (Monday, May 11, 2009/6:26 PM)

    I begin to realise how lifeless I am with my posts...

    So not in-depth, despite that not being a necessity.

    But this perhaps only goes to show how shallow a blogger I am. Psh! x.X

    Once again I've not been updating, but there were some mind-scintillating happenings... Hoho.

    First off, of all the rash and brash things I've done... The latest, which happened today, was that I bought items in a blogshop, after ALL the times I've surfed and looked through various blogshops, staring and admiring and drooling over them...

    And finally today, I went 'SCREW IT!' and actually bought some stuff. Like, reaaally OMG. x.X

    I'm not gonna tell what they are. ;)

    And interesting enough was yesterday, Xav, Peipei & I 'pia-ed' on the certain subjects materials we brought out with us blah blah at BPP. It was quite a while since bro & sis went there loh! Hoho~ We were hogging the lovely near-the-glass-window-panes seats and studied there for hours.. till the waitress sorta hinted that it was near dinner time so we left..

    What happened next was still somewhat unbelievable. x.X

    Basically, we walked around.. bblah blah.. and then we ended up at the arcade. I insisted on playing DDR...

    Bro & I had fun wor... maybe it was more of me having fun. x.X

    There was this insane song with varying speeds through that one song.. I was hopping up and down furiously.... but it was Fun FuN FUN. x.X

    Thn I went again.. and again..

    Poof did at least $4.50 went. T_T

    But I felt horrible afterwards till I couldn't eat dinner. Bleh. I finally knew what was wrong with me after recalling the stuff I ate throughout the day.. Thn Peipei & I took the same bus together to retire for the night. Hehe.

    Get well soon though. >_<

    If I recall, there's Tuesday..

    Bpian Idol results came in.

    No joke, guess who got in. x.X

    But yea.. C.Ts are still on-going... Chiong a bit more bah. =)

    I'm still not kicking in.. I wonder why. =<

    & I being to realise...
    That no matter the distance,
    He's on my mind,
    & its just too darn bad I can't stop it,
    But I've been smiling,
    & Life ain't that shabby,
    Hehas. ^^

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    (Sunday, May 03, 2009/3:48 PM)

    This week was sorta topsy turvy. x)

    Ooookay maybe not so crazy. But midly interesting, and.. anticipating? x)

    Tmr and we'll see! Hahas. x)

    But yeeeeeaaa.

    Pretty fun and slack, but omfg common tests are here. x.X

    I got the pic from Jessica's blog. Heha. Taken on Friday I believe. =3

    Wednesday I went bonkers not knowing what song to sing. x.X
    When the host (he did a awesome job by the way, hope to see him hosting Bpian Idol this yr^^) asked what song I going to sing,...

    My mouth hung there for an awesome length of silence. x.X

    Y'see, was stuck with 3 songs of choice in mind..

    And after hearing some of those who auditioned, The Show by Lenka popped onto the list tooo... =<

    And so did I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing by Aerosmith. >_<

    Somehow I'm hoping tat I make it in... and somehow I think I rather not.

    And actually... about 5 months more to go and I'm sure everyone wishes that O Lvl's are over with asap...

    Jane Ng was soooo funny on friday. XD I think it was during physics lesson were we writing down the subjects we think we should aim to score at. The best 6 the most. The rest we decide to screw them over. XD

    But soo funny la. She was happy and her face was practically beaming when she saw a newspaper article written by none other than JANE NG...

    Hhahahaha. So happy as she pointed and showed it to Jessica. Somehow that moment was priceless. XD



    6 more months till he's back. Get well soon bah. ^^

    And the previous day (Friday) we ended up hanging around Elaine-darling's home. =D The bed and pillows and blanket sooo comfy lol. Too bad I had to leave early to meet with my dearie cousins and other relatives for dinner. <3

    SAKURA BUFFET DINNER LEH. I'll be toasted if I didn't go. XD

    And thn the next day was TBN meetin.. Xav-bro and I met up earlier to sstudy at the National Library...

    ..Ended up reading novels and thn went SHOPPING. Like omfg. x.X

    At least, he found somethin he wanted and I got the same thing I wanted for HALF the price he bought his. Ahahahaa. =x

    But yea, sleazy day to some extent. x.X

    And so,...

    No more GuiltyGear cosplay for EOY!~ XD

    So no cosplayin for this yr at all, huh.

    But still need to research research. x)

    Hehas. All the best for the tests for this week. Gambatte!~

    Ps. Xav & I stumbled upon hair extentions in Bugis lol.. and I looked totally different!!! <3<3

    Pss. But made my eyes look smaller. Really I wanna change glasses. >_<

    Ppsss. I guess that I'm not gonna have my hair short in a LONG time after this time round. x.X

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    (Thursday, April 23, 2009/10:15 PM)

    Sowwie for not updating much. Sowwie.

    First, there's the study grp at Aki's house last Sat.

    We plan to do it again. =D

    And tmr.. Operation Cheer-up will be in ORH-DAH!~ XD

    Friday was the choir's SYF judging thingy... x.X

    Got Silver. Not bad luh. =)

    Don't be sad or dissapointed ppl, Mr. Yong was really smilling during our performance. Its all good really. =)

    And thn.. Bpian Idol pending. o.o

    And thn.. Most likely gonna perf. with Andrew!

    He finally said something that was totally inspirational somehow..

    Somethin' like...

    I was worried that I can't pull the song of... y'know..

    But then he went like,

    "Its not about how good the performance sounds like, but its about us PERFORMERS." o.O

    Or something like that. x.X But makes brilliant and awesome sense that I've (stupidly) neva thought of before. o.o


    Andrew totally destroyed Tiara's nail buffer until he has to pay her back lol. Thn he spams it, and somehow eventually pulled even Brandon, Xav & Taku-daddy to be FASCINATED by it..

    And the sight of it all is just... so laughable.

    Like at first, omfg. x.X

    But yea. Today's lunch was brilliant. =)

    Hehe, all e best for tmr, though I bet I can't do well. =P

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    (Saturday, April 11, 2009/1:13 PM)

    Yesterday was fuunnnn!!! =3

    Never knew a MANGO shirt could make me sooo happy...

    Yea last item that I bought for the day. Lol.

    So fun and soo hiiigh and so spastic. It was H.JBanana, Z.YApple, Ezaria and I at Far East Plaza. Gawd the good 'ol times are highly satisfying. x)

    Ezaria could not help but make fun of and nitpick how I mutilated my piece of honeydew(Jerm) during lunch...

    Sheng Ying darlin camme later today!!~~~ Then we became super high and spastic. Or is it only me? x.X

    For a moment in time we wanted to cam-whore at the cafe too. lol. XD

    So hapwee that I bought a few investments!! >_<

    (Psst, its a way to convince that I bought 'em right.. Inspired and instilled into me by an awesome book Confessions of a Shopaholic. x] )

    Some pics will be uploaded on FaceBook. Hehe.

    Yesterday was sorta fun tooo. Though it was retardedly unfufiling to do e-learning...

    At least, went to bro's house to do it. =)

    And I guess I've overcomed a food fear. Yeay!~ ^^

    Thn went for choir..

    And whoa. Passed the auditions. o.o

    And I was mentally cussing and swearing at first during that day. I 'zao sia' so bad on a few occasions, and my nose screws and cloggs up lol. But when I got home I was blaring out in tune!~ Bwahahah!~ @.@

    And I apologise for not attending the meeting yesterday, TBN. >_<

    (I've just noticed that my train of thought is very choppy.. o.o)


    Think I should really sign up and hand in the form on Monday? =x

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    (Monday, April 06, 2009/8:51 PM)

    I'm fine really...

    Apart from a faggot flu.


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